Last Longer In Bed With Testosterone Boosters

Too many of us (men) have Googled “how to last longer in bed?” in hopes of finding the perfect trick to ejaculate slower. Most of us do it to increase our intimacy time.

However, it could also be because a lot of men have an actual problem of not being able to last long in bed. This is a major sexual health concern, also known as Premature Ejaculation (PE).

Studies show that 1 in 3 men have problems lasting longer in bed. There could be many underlying causes for this issue. But you will be surprised to know how the imbalance of male hormones can be a major cause for most of your sexual health concerns.

Testosterone is one such male hormone that can entirely change your sex game. Maintaining normal levels of testosterone is very important if you want to increase your libido and be sexually active.

Best Testosterone Booster for Men over 40



In fact, most sexual health experts suggest taking testosterone level tests frequently, especially for men who are at the peak of their adulthood.

A study on testosterone levels in men reports that once men hit the age of 40, testosterone levels decrease by 1% every year.

By the time they hit 50, sexual health problems become evident due to low testosterone (Low T). Hence, it is natural for your male hormones to decline as you age older.

Now the question is, does a good level of testosterone solve the problems of premature ejaculation and make you last longer? We will know in this article.

Testosterone is what makes a man masculine. From your facial hair to your bones and muscles, the testosterone hormone needs credit for every feature that makes you a man. The male testes release this hormone into the bloodstream, which increases the bone mass and develops the muscles.

It is what enlarges the penis and deepens your voice during your puberty. Besides the physical aspect, your mood, and feeling of wanting to have sex also get affected when the T levels increase.

Testosterone is said to have a big role in keeping alive your sexual drive. If your body isn’t producing enough T hormones, you may experience a lower sex drive or not be aroused enough to get an erection. Since testosterone also drives your energy and strength, low levels of it can hinder your performance in bed.

You are most likely to feel tired faster, losing your strength within few minutes, resulting in faster ejaculation or none. This is a worrying situation that can ultimately have an impact on your love life as well.

Hence, it is important that you take a test to check your T levels if you think that you’ve not been lasting longer than you would like to. Find out what’s causing you to ejaculate faster than usual by consulting a doctor and take the necessary measures to be back on your game.

Last Longer In Bed

Does Testosterone Give You Better Erections?

Although there is no direct relationship between testosterone and better erection, having low-level testosterone can make it difficult for you to focus on the intimacy with your partner. As mentioned earlier, testosterone has a significant effect on your mood and the feeling of being aroused.

Men with low testosterone find it difficult to put their focus on one thing, as a result of which they also lose interest in having sex.

Physical intimacy demands a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Since low T levels makes it harder for men to sustain their arousal, they sometimes have a hard time getting a full-fledged erection.

According to studies and research, the reduced desire to have sex, lesser random erections, and infertility are common resultants of low testosterone. So, does this mean higher testosterone gives you better erections? Maybe and maybe not.

We say this because, according to another study, a high amount of testosterone can deteriorate your sexual health. It can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is good that you try and test methods to cure poor erection but never go overboard with any procedure without consulting an expert.

What Happens When You Start Taking Testosterone?

To get the desired amount of testosterone levels, sexual health experts offer different treatment options to inject testosterone into the human body. There are also supplements available in the market that you can intake with a doctor’s consultation. When you start your intake of testosterone, there are many physical, sexual, and emotional changes that you go through.

Physically, your muscle and bone mass will start to redistribute, and the amount of fat around your thighs and hips may decrease. You may also notice acne and see a structured face with a definitive jawline and stronger body.

Sexually, you will notice a profound change in your libido. Your sex drive will be better, and your penis may get quicker erections than usual. It is also possible that your penis may enlarge.

The medical procedure of taking in testosterone restores your full potential to have healthy erections. As a matter of fact, your sexual urges will be stronger and longer, without a doubt.

Emotionally, the injection of testosterone can make you feel more confident and motivated. The ability to concentrate and not feel mentally fatigued is also a great plus point of taking testosterone. Some older men who have taken testosterone admit that they feel younger and more energetic.

Bottom Line

We’ve all read memes on how women make fun of men for not lasting long in bed and it feels quite offensive, right? Although it’s not true for all men, it is a major sexual health concern that far too many men have consulted doctors for.

Not being able to control ejaculation and ejaculating quickly after penetration can make your sexual experience extremely unsatisfying.

While some men might be aware of the reasons behind their inability to have a satisfying time with their partners, some don’t know what’s making them ejaculate fast. This is where testosterone levels come into the picture.

If you’re having a difficult time keeping your partner happy in bed, it’s time you consult an expert because this isn’t something you can’t fix.

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