Vision Support Supplements

Have you wondered whether you should take vision support supplements to delay any chances of having eye problems and diseases? This article covers the benefits of taking vision support supplements, some of the supplements you should consider taking, what foods improve eyesight naturally, and more.

We take supplements to boost our body’s overall health, so why shouldn’t we take supplements for our eyes? Eye health is one of the most essential senses out of the 5 senses to take care of, yet we do not give much importance until something bad happens.

Many kinds of eye diseases like cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and more are avoided by taking supplements that contain vital nutrients that your body needs. Some maybe even cured by taking these support supplements, depending on the severity of your eye disease or problems.

Can My Vision Be Improved By Taking Supplements?

While studies have shown it to be very complex with this topic, specific vitamins have proved helpful over the years to cure and prevent many diseases and eye problems. Vision supplements are made with some of these essential nutrients and vitamins that protect and prevent unwanted eye diseases.

However, taking supplements in high dosages or combining medications could lead to various adverse effects. So you should always first consult your doctor before beginning to take any medication.

Vision Support Supplements

Can I Benefit From Taking Supplements As An Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Patient?

Overall, studies have proved that taking certain supplements has lowered the risk of getting infected with AMD by 25 percent.

These supplements helped the patients with early AMD but not patients diagnosed with the advanced stage of the disease. Even though the supplements do not entirely prevent or cure the disease once it is established, it helps reduce the potentiality of the disease.

The supplements are usually paired with a healthy diet that contains essential nutrients and vitamins for your whole body, including the eye, and doctors suggest living a healthy lifestyle.

What Foods Improve Eyesight Naturally?

Foods that contain vitamin C, omega3, high fiber, and protein improve your eyesight naturally.


Fish is enriched with high fatty acids that are healthy for your eyes. It is packed with omega3, which prevents the risk of developing glaucoma and macular degeneration, and it helps treat dry eye disease; Omega3 also helps prevent various eye diseases.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, and more contain Vitamin C, protect your eyes against eye diseases like cataracts, and reduce the risk of AMD.


Nuts are packed with very high protein and fiber, keeping your retina healthy.


Best Vitamins For Eye Health


#1 Lutenol

One of the best vision supplements for your eye health is Lutenol. It is made with top-notch quality ingredients of minerals, vitamins, carotenoids, and herbal extracts that fight off various eye diseases and act as essential support for your overall eye health and functionality.

The usual dosage you can take is 2 per day after a meal, which will drastically benefit your eye health.







#2 PreserVision AREDS2

This vision supplement is clinically approved and gluten-free. The PreserVision AREDS2 is made with six nutrients: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lutein & Zeaxanthin, and copper, which are essential for your overall eye health.

This supplement is endorsed by the National Eye Institute and is used to prevent the progression of AMD. Made with 20 years of clinical studies so you can rest easy and find your eye health improving with this medication.

Like all supplements and medications, you should consult your doctor for any complications.


PreserVision AREDS2





#3 Ocuvite

Ocuvite eye supplement is a replenishing pill that nourishes your eye with essential nutrients that you lose as you age.

It is packed with 7 nutrients that ward off any dangerous eye diseases you are at risk for and help you reduce the risk of progressive AMD.

You can take this supplement to protect your eye health, and due to its high in nutrients, it is advised to take only 1 pill per day. Rest assured, they are easy-to-swallow pills, and they can help you with dry and itchy eyes.





#4 Lutein 20mg 

Lutein 20mg comes with natural Zeaxanthin soft gels to prevent eye disease and vision loss.

The high-quality vitamins contained in this vision supplement help you with your night vision, essentially improving it. It also helps protect your eye against cataracts and macular degeneration.


Lutein 20mg




#5 NOW Supplements Lutein & Zeaxanthin

The Now supplements contain both Lutein and Zeaxanthin which are 25mg and 5mg, respectively.(1)

This means it can protect your eyes better from ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun, and it has blue light protection, which is the cause of many cases of muscular degeneration.

The supplements are tested and examined, and the quality of the medication is assured by GMP and GMP certified.


NOW Supplements Lutein & Zeaxanthin





Who Should Not Take Lutein?

Although taking lutein is said to have many benefits that are significant for your eye health by warding off eye diseases, improving your vision, and protecting your eye from harmful blue light.

Taking more than 20mg dosage per day could lead to health issues. Since there are no safe doses of lutein supplements for children, it is advised to keep all supplements away from children and pregnant or breastfeeding women. Patients with skin cancer are also advised to be careful when taking lutein supplements.

What Are The Side Effects Of Lutein?

Lutein is essential to keep your eye healthy. A dosage of 20mg per day is essentially beneficial for people taking its supplements. Studies have not yet found any side effects of taking lutein; however, taking it in high dosage is not advised.


A healthy lifestyle and a diet mixed with these supplements can improve your eye health and protect you from the risks and dangers of different eye diseases.

Even though supplements can help keep your eyes healthy, you should not substitute them with medications your doctors prescribe for you.

You should take the proper dosage recommended by your doctor and take trips to the hospital to monitor your overall eye health if it is necessary.

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