Turkey Tail Mushrooms


If you look for mushroom varieties found around the world, you will find thousands. Turkey tail is a common polypore mushroom with several names such as Trametes Versicolor, Coriolus Versicolor and Polyporus Versicolor.

It’s called the turkey tail because of its shape and color. Versicolor means “of several colors,” so you can understand why it’s named so. It’s a colorful fungus and quite common as it grows all over the world.

Turkey tail is one of those mushroom varieties which people in Asia have been using as a health supplement. Even today, you will find several supplements and approved medicines containing the mushroom extract.

What Does Turkey Tail Mushrooms Contain?

Turkey tail mushrooms contain many substances, including the following:

  • Potassium
  • Riboflavin
  • Phosphorous
  • Copper
  • Niacin
  • Selenium

It’s pretty low in calories, sodium and doesn’t have any cholesterol.

Health Benefits Of Turkey Tail Mushrooms

It may lower cholesterol

There are two types of cholesterol in your body. HDL’ good’ and LDL ‘bad.’ The good one keeps the bad one in check. But many reasons can cause LDL cholesterol to increase, and it can be dangerous, leading to heart attacks and other diseases.

Some studies have indicated that regular intake of turkey tail mushrooms may help lower LDL cholesterol. Many mushroom varieties are known to reduce bad cholesterol, so it’s not a surprise if turkey tail mushroom does the same.

It may strengthen the lungs 

The lungs are the major organs in the respiratory system. If they are healthy, you can breathe efficiently, but you can have problems if it’s otherwise. But lungs are vulnerable, too, because you breathe non-stop.

Turkey tail mushrooms may also protect and strengthen the lungs. It may remove the toxins that you breathe in with the oxygen. The mushroom may also prevent or inhibit lung cancer.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms

It boosts the immune system

Antioxidants are molecules that keep your body safe from free radicals, which can cause various infections. Without them, you can get sick quite often, leading to severe complications.

Turkey tail mushroom also contains plenty of antioxidants. So, taking a supplement can be very beneficial as it will keep the antioxidant supply continuous and keep away the free radicals.

It may improve digestion

If you have problems in the digestive system, it can cause you discomfort and make you sick frequently. So, like any other organ or system in the body, it’s vital for your gut to stay healthy and function normally.

Turkey tail mushroom also contains food constituents such as prebiotics and probiotics. They look after and stimulate gut health and keep your digestive system healthy.

It may fight cancer

Cancer is a killer disease that takes the lives of millions of people around the world. If diagnosed at early stages, some cancers are curable. Many supplements can help prevent or inhibit cancer.

Turkey tail mushrooms may also help fight cancer, according to some studies. It may stop the tumors from growing and also destroy cancer cells. The mushroom has been shown to produce positive results in breast cancer.

However, it may also be helpful for prostate, lung and other cancers. It’s therefore recommended in chemotherapies.

It may prevent cold and flu 

While cold and flu may not be extremely dangerous, they are very common and a nuisance. These two seasonal ailments can also cause discomfort. People with weak immunity are more vulnerable than those with a robust immune system.

Turkey tail mushrooms strengthen the immune system, increase antioxidants, and contain several necessary substances. So, it may help prevent or inhibit cold and flu in people who use the supplement.

It may reduce oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is a condition that contains more harmful properties than helpful ones. One of the reasons for oxidative stress is a low amount of antioxidants.

Since turkey tail mushrooms boost antioxidants, they may also help lower oxidative stress. It removes or prevents free radicals from causing cells damage, and thus the chance for oxidative stress goes down.

It may fight stress and fatigue

A lot of reasons can make you continuously tired and stressed out. While proper rest is a factor in reducing stress and fatigue, some other factors also play a role.

Turkey tail mushroom contains several ingredients that can help lower stress and tiredness. However, you should balance it will a good diet, exercise and rest to have more favorable results.

It may help to regenerate bone marrow 

White blood cells play an essential role in the immune system. They prevent harmful agents from outside from penetrating your defenses.

Bone marrow helps to create white blood cells. It’s therefore crucial for your body to have healthy bone marrow.

Turkey tail mushrooms may also be involved in bone marrow regeneration. Regular intake by following the prescribed quantity can be very beneficial.

It may help with HIV/AIDS side effects

HIV and AIDS infect many people, and since there is no cure, it’s a dangerous disease. The condition also causes side effects like skin cancers.

Turkey tail mushrooms may accelerate the healing process of such ailments and also boost the overall well-being of people suffering from the diseases.

It may slow down the aging process

People in Asian countries like China and Japan say that turkey tail mushrooms can delay the aging process. Since it contains many ingredients and helps with inflammation, the immune system and balance bodily functions, the argument seems credible.

It may help with human papillomavirus (HPV)

Some studies also indicate that turkey tail mushroom may help to inhibit oral human papillomavirus.

What do you learn from the above?

When you go through the benefits of turkey tail mushroom, you can understand that it’s used for several ailments. But as with other mushrooms, there are many studies to be done.

However, it’s safe to use supplements that come with high recommendations.


It’s important to follow recommended dosage when you take the turkey tail supplement. You can also seek advice from your doctor and ask for a prescribed dosage.

Though it’s relatively safe, you may have side effects if you consume too much. Hence, following the dosage is necessary.


Mushrooms contain many substances that are useful for your body. Turkey tail is also one of the varieties that offer benefits.

If you wish to use a supplement, make sure to buy top-quality products and only consume recommended quantity per day for best results.

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