Trimethylglycine Supplements

TMG or Trimethylglycine is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. However, TMG supplements are also available in the market, and they are high in demand. This is because TMG supplements provide many benefits that are crucial for developing a healthy body.

There’s a reason why many people are into TMG supplements. TMG is found in the human body in the form of amino acids. Food such as beets, spinach, and even quinoa are high sources of TMG as well. The liver is the main organ that produces this acid, and it has tons of health benefits.

Among the many benefits of TMG, one of the most important functions of this amino acid is to function as a methyl donor.  This means that TMG is useful for the proper and smooth functioning of various bodily processes and functions. This includes processes such as detoxification, metabolism, cell growth, and even promoting a healthy liver.

There are also other useful benefits of using TMG supplements. Apart from maintaining a healthy body function, using TMG can also have physical benefits. TMG improves physical energy and performance among people. It enhances and promotes the growth of different muscles and helps in increasing energy levels in the body as well. This is why you will notice many people in the gym reaching for this particular supplement.

TMG supplements

What Is TMG?

Originally known as betaine, TMG can be found in plant and animal foods, especially beetroots. The name betaine came from the fact that TMG was first discovered in beets. Nowadays, people can easily consume TMG in their diet by means of supplements.

Betaine anhydrous is the name given to TMG supplements. Consuming TMG supplements have a lot of health benefits, and this is the reason why many people, especially health enthusiasts, are reaching for this supplement.

If you are thinking about using TMG in your diet, then you should first know what it actually offers. Studies are still going on regarding the benefits of this amino acid. However, some of the benefits of using TMG are:

Improved Heart Health

Consuming TMG supplements can help lower the levels of homocysteine in the blood. Homocysteine is considered as an amino acid. High levels of this substance can cause heart-related issues.

When you consume TMG in the form of supplements, it regulates and controls the level of homocysteine in your blood. High levels of this substance can cause the production of arterial plaque. This can cause the arteries in the heart to clog or harden. But TMG can help reduce the levels of homocysteine, thus maintaining a healthy heart.

Helps In Better Digestion

One of the main reasons why people are increasingly using TMG supplements is because of the fact that it helps in the digestion process. The stomach needs to have a perfect balance of acidity. If the acid levels are low in the stomach, then digestive functions get affected. This means that the food you consume will not get broken down easily and can cause pain, inconsistent bowel movements, or even constipation.

This is where TMG supplements come in handy. It helps maintain the perfect levels of stomach acidity. When digestive functions are not proper, nutrients do not get absorbed as well. This can cause serious deficiencies later on and may affect health. However, TMG has shown that it can help balance the levels of stomach acidity in people who have low levels of acidity in the stomach.

Protects The Liver Health

The human liver generally reserves some amount of fats to use in times of emergencies in the body. However, too much use of alcohol, obesity, or even diabetic conditions can cause fats to build up in the liver, which is not ideal. This building up of fatty acids in the liver can cause serious damage to the liver and promote liver-related issues and diseases.

Various studies which have been conducted in recent years show that using TMG supplements can reduce the amount of fatty acids in the liver. The liver does not break down much fatty acids, and this helps in lowering the levels of fatty acids present in the liver. TMG also works well on people who have damaged livers as it helps in the recovery of the liver as well.

Muscle and Energy Growth

Ergogenics are ingredients that help in boosting muscle growth, stamina and improves physical performance. Ergogenics are some of the best formulas for improving muscle growth, but TMG is also another equally good alternative.

Consuming TMG supplements have shown that it can help in the process of muscle building while also providing additional physical benefits. It improves physical endurance and stamina, increases the rate of fat loss, and even helps in protein synthesis.

The Best TMG Supplement

TMG supplements are still being widely studied for their benefits and uses. However, despite this, there are many TMG supplements in the market if you want to get them. These can range from good ones to bad ones. So that you don’t end up wasting money on a bad product, you need to know which is the best one.


Trimethylglycine Supplements




TMG Supplement by Life Extension

If you are searching for a good TMG supplement, consider the one by Life Extension. This 500 mg  Trimethylglycine supplements provides consumers with all the benefits of TMG. The recommended dosage is two capsules, preferably in the morning, either before or after breakfast.

It comes in the form of liquid capsules, which are vegetarian. You will find sixty capsules in one bottle of this supplement. And the best part about this product is that it is really affordable.

The Life Extension Trimethylglycine supplements helps maintain homocysteine levels which promote cardiovascular health. Other benefits of this supplement include improvement in the mitochondrial health and functions and even regulating the health of the entire body.

Conclusion – Trimethylglycine Supplements

TMG is a substance that is still subject to various studies. However, the studies conducted thus far show positive results on the human health, especially since it helps improve the heart, liver and promotes muscle growth.

If you are someone who struggles with heart issues, build-up of fatty acids in the liver, or even experience poor digestion, then taking the TMG supplement might prove to be useful. However, it is also advisable to be safe and cautious. This means you should consult your doctor or physician first.


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