L-Carnitine Benefits

You’ve probably heard people raving about L-carnitine supplements, which is why you’re here to know what’s all the hype about. Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and many alike have been known to use this interesting supplement to enhance their exercise performance.

But that’s not it. If you go by popular beliefs, this supplement is known to have many weight-loss benefits as well. Only factual information can tell whether and how much this is true. But that’s not an issue because we’re going to break this down for you in today’s article.

What is L-carnitine?

Before you understand the benefits of it, if you don’t exactly know what L-carnitine is, let us explain it to you.

In simple words, L-carnitine is a substance naturally produced by your body in the kidneys, liver, and brain. In scientific terms, it is an amino acid derivative that helps transform fatty acids in your body into energy. Most of the body’s l-carnitine concentration, or about 95% of L-carnitine, is found in the skeletal muscle as well as the liver and blood.

But that’s not only where we can find this acid. These acids are also produced by animals. Since it helps in transforming body fat into energy, people with insufficient L-carnitine obtain it from eating animal diets.

But the most recent development is the L-carnitine supplements which a lot of health supplement companies have been making available for consumption. Its usefulness as a weight-loss supplement is what we’ll focus on in the following sections.


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How does L-Carnitine aid weight loss?

Theoretically, it makes sense to use L-carnitine supplements for weight loss because, after all, it is responsible for carrying fatty acids into the mitochondria where all the fat burning takes place. In fact, your body heavily relies on it when there’s a need to burn fat. However, for sufficient production of L-carnitine in your body, you must have a vitamin C-rich diet.

When combined with a healthy diet and regular workout routine, L-carnitine’s benefits can be praiseworthy. It is especially seen in individuals who are obese and other adults that L-carnitine supplements help reduce more weight when they are on a fixed exercise and diet regimen.

Having said that, there are few studies that suggest a slightly different opinion that we thought you should know. Here’s what we know:

  • In a study conducted over eight weeks duration, 38 women (who worked out four times a week), combining those who took L-carnitine and those who didn’t, saw no signs of weight loss.
  • Another study that monitored a 90-minute fat-burning bicycle workout saw that the intake of these supplements for four weeks did not increase fat burning.
  • However, in a study of 9 obese people, it was found that those participants who consumed L-carnitine lost 2.9 lbs. more than those who did not.

L-carnitine supplements for weight-loss

Does L-Carnitine burn belly fat?

Yes, it does. All the fat stores in your belly get transferred by L-carnitine from the blood to the cells and then eventually burnt to produce energy! Since the visceral fats stored in the belly tend to be quite stubborn and takes a lot of effort into reducing them, L-carnitine can immensely work its magic in this area.

Benefits of L-carnitine supplements for weight-loss

With proper and long-term doses, L-carnitine supplements can show good results. Here are some factual benefits of it on weight loss:

Burns fat faster

We know there need to be enough proven studies to practically believe this but theoretically, L-carnitine burns fat. Moreover, it does no harm or hurt your slimming down efforts, so there’s not a thing to worry about.

Whereas, the more levels of L-carnitine, the better chances for you to burn fat. Like we mentioned earlier, it enhances fat metabolism by increasing the carnitine concentration in your muscles, thereby giving you a better fat-burning opportunity. It also helps reduce the stubborn fat in your belly, the one that surrounds your digestive organs and leads to potential cholesterol diseases.

Better workout performance and faster recovery

Given the benefits of fat burning, L-carnitine helps you optimize your workout performance by using those fats converted into energy. What does this mean? This means you can do more reps of those cardio, crunches, dead-lifts, push-ups, and bench presses.

Likewise, L-carnitine also helps in recovery after an exhausting session of workout. It repairs damaged muscles, muscle soreness, and metabolic stress caused by high-intensity and long workouts.

However, what you should keep in mind is that the increased levels of energy and recovery only come with a regular and sufficient intake of L-carnitine supplements. Take the supplements as prescribed by a health provider.

Metabolism Booster

It is a given that when you start working out more efficiently and with higher intensity than usual, your metabolism increases. In this way, L-carnitine indirectly helps boost your metabolism and eventually helps you shed some pounds. A good metabolism can get rid of a large chunk of calories in no time!

Builds and strengthens muscles and bones

Lean muscles and L-carnitine go hand in hand. The energy converted from fatty acids boosts muscle strength and bone density. Also, if you work out more and eat better, you’re definitely going to have a stronger build. This also means there are fewer fats and more muscles!

What else is L-carnitine good for?

Apart from being an effective weight loss supplement, L-carnitine is also good for a bunch of diseases and physical health issues. These are:

  • L-carnitine reduces chest pain, especially for those people who deal with the cardiac syndrome.
  • This supplement is also seen to improve exercise ability for people with heart failure.
  • It helps with reducing high cholesterol levels and other fats in the blood.
  • The FDA approves the use of L-carnitine for people with failed kidneys too.
  • L-carnitine is also known to increase sperm count and male infertility issues.
  • These supplements are also thought to have effective results on women with PCOS.
  • L-carnitine can prevent the toxicity formed in the liver due to valproic acid.

The Verdict

Losing weight shouldn’t be so hard; after all, supplements like L-carnitine are there to make the process easy and faster. A lot of the benefits that we’ve mentioned today about L-carnitine supplements are based on research standpoints.

Therefore, popping in some L-carnitine supplement pills is nothing but a good idea to shed those extra gains if you’ve been having a hard time in your weight-loss journey.


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