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Living collagen from Ancestral Supplements doesn’t fall under the realm of a regular collagen supplement ingredient-wise. The grass-fed collagen is produced from the innards, also called cartilaginous parts. A natural protease enzyme is included to eliminate the non-cartilaginous part and is dried in the freezer.

We know that some of you might be thinking about how this organ supplement can give nutrition or improve the health of your hair, cartilage, bone or skin. However, you’d be surprised by the nutrient content in this organ supplement.

Are you excited to know more about living collagen, its aspects and its benefits? Read on as we help unravel some aspects of living collagen plus the company Ancestral Supplements.

Ancestral Supplements: A peek into the origin

Ancestral supplements came into existence with the initiative taken by Brian Johnson, also known as Liver King and his wife. They started this company based on their changed lifestyle, where they used animal organs to make supplements. Like the name itself, their approach towards producing supplements is medieval devoid of modern intricacies.

The journey started when their children started to suffer from multiple allergies. They consulted several specialists and decided to opt for a personalized diet based on what ancestors used to have. Back in the day, everything was organic, including vegetables and fruits. Additionally, the cattle were pasture-raised free from any chemicals.

After switching to this lifestyle, their children’s health began to show improvement and eventually, they were fit. The Johnson family utilized their experience by producing organ-based supplements and making them available to everyone. They have multiple ranges of supplements, and they come in capsule form, plus the animal organs are freeze-dried to keep the nutrients intact.


The Health Benefits of Living Collagen






Types of Ancestral Animal Organ Supplements

Some of the typical organ meats, including the brain, tongue, liver, kidneys and heart, are found in animals. These organs are a great source of heme iron and also a rich source of choline.

Ancestral supplements consist of various organ meats in their supplements, and some of them are as follow:

Beef organ

Beef organ supplement comprises organs from cows including spleen, kidney, liver, pancreas and heart.

Living collagen

This supplement is produced from the innards, including the scapula and trachea. It helps promote healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Beef brain

Beef brain supplements provide cognitive health support. It’s an excellent source of fat-soluble vitamins and B vitamins.


The grass-fed beef liver capsules focus on the liver meat. This supplement is good for your skin, joints, immune system and more.


A pancreas supplement takes care of digestive disorders and is excellent for diabetic patients.


The kidney is known for its rich source of selenium and vitamin B12, and it helps improve your skin health and thyroid. Additionally, having this supplement can keep your bladder and kidneys safe.

Get started with Ancestral Supplements Grass Fed Living Collagen.

One of the popular products from ancestral supplements is Grass-fed living collagen. This collagen comes in capsule form and is excellent for your nails, skin and hair. The supplement contains cartilaginous parts, including the scapula and trachea and is compatible with bone marrow and beef organs. Furthermore, the product is free of GMO, pesticides and hormones. (1)

Some of the highlighted benefits of living collagen are as follow:

  • Ancestral living collagen is organic and free of pesticides, GMO and other chemicals, thus allowing a toxic-free supplement.
  • The animals have been raised in Australia and New Zealand, known for clean water, air and pastures. Additionally, they are monitored strictly by a reputed biosecurity system. You can expect 100 % purity in their supplement devoid of fillers.
  • Grass-fed living collagen helps improve your bones, cartilage, nail, skin and hair health.
  • Having this supplement heals your joints and immune system.
  • It also supports your digestive health and connective tissue.

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What to look for in organ collagen supplements?

Some of the vital factors before purchasing an organ collagen supplement are as follows:

  • The first and vital factor to consider is the source. While opting for organ-based collagen, ensure that the cattle are pastured and raised in a clean environment. It should be free of pesticides and hormones.
  • The supplement should be tested by a third party, ensuring that the quality of the collagen supplement is excellent and free of contamination. Some of the trusted third-party labs are USP, ConusmerLabs and NSF. Getting certifications from these three organizations is difficult and expensive too. Additionally, most companies don’t opt for these organizations to test their products.
  • It’s vital to check the nutrition and ingredient list of a collagen supplement so that it will help you avoid getting allergies from a specific item. If you have restrictions on a specific animal source, then make sure to check the content.
  • You should also be wary of the supplement dosage you’re about to have in a day. If you’re adding a supplement to your diet, make sure to contact a health professional. They will advise you on how much dosage you need to have. Note that there is variation in collagen supplements’ recommended dose. See that you do not have excessive pills.


Who shouldn’t have Ancestral Supplement living collagen?

Despite providing multiple health benefits, there are some cases where this supplement should be avoided. For instance, if you’re pregnant, it’s advisable to avoid high intake organ supplements. Since this supplement has a high amount of Vitamin A, it can affect your newborn. It’s reported that excessive intake of Vitamin A led to defects in newly birthed babies.

This supplement may not be necessary for adolescents or children as they produce enough collagen naturally. Adults begin to lose collagen gradually once they are in their late twenties. Additionally, if you have dietary restrictions on specific animal sources, you should avoid this collagen supplement.

If you have any medical history, it’s always advisable to consult your doctor or physician before getting one. Some may have an allergy to this meat, so it would be better to consider all these aspects before purchasing the supplement.


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