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Health Benefits Of Catuaba And Muira Puama

Catuaba And Muira Puama

Many less-known traditional herbs help in improving sexual health. Not many people are aware of the existence of such herbs. Although the test of such herbs may be limited to humans, small-scale studies are promising. It is essential to know such shrubs and their positive effects on human health.


The herb comes from the tree bark of the Brazilian rainforest. Catuaba is a natural remedy. The preparation of the herb varies depending on the type of selection of the tree. The herb is said to fire up the nervous system. At the same time, it can also arouse aphrodisiac properties.

The tree roots that form the herb are Micropholis Caudata, Erythroxylum Caatingae, and Anemopaegma Arvense. There are also contents of Trichilia Catigua in the herb. People have been using the herb to treat various ailments for years.

The active compounds in the herb are alkaloid named catuabines. It is a natural compound from plants. Such compounds have psychoactive effects. Some examples of the compound include nicotine, caffeine, and morphine.

The herb has a variety of local nicknames in South America. The extract is also available in powder form. In the United States, you can purchase it as a dietary supplement. Its many known names are Tatuaba, Caramuru, and Piratancara. In recent years, experts found that the study on the herb is positive.



Health Benefits

Researchers are well aware that there are aphrodisiac properties in the herb. It is well-known due to its enhancing properties. Others believe that it is ideal for preventing a mixture of unrelated medical conditions. Such conditions include:

– Skin cancer

– Anxiety

– Memory problems

– Obesity

– Bacterial infections

– Low libido

– Bronchitis

– Erectile dysfunction

– Insomnia

– Depression

– Fatigue

The effectiveness of the herb is apparent in many studies. However, due to limits on human trials, it is difficult to be sure. There are supplements in the market that has contents of the herb. It would help if you did thorough research on the products before you buy them.

There is no guarantee about the contents of such supplements. It can cause some severe health issues. However, when it concerns the herb, experts feel it is the best discovery. Many studies have proved the excellent quality of the herb and its effect on human health.

Depression and anxiety

A study published in the journal in 2011 suggests that the herb aids in treating depression. It also talked of ways the herb helped in treating anxiety.

The research reported feeding lab mice with varying doses of refined or crude extracts of Catuaba. As a result, the rats showed behavioral changes. Such conduct is similar to mood elevation as well as enhanced memory.

Despite the successful study, it just provides another hope for future research at best. It was hard to decide if the effects of the drug were stimulatory. Other experts felt it changed the dopamine and serotonin levels.

Bacterial and fungal infections

According to studies, the herb has strong antimicrobial properties. The International Journal of Molecular Sciences published a lab study that reported successful findings. The result found that isolated catuabines from Erythroxylum Caatingae could neutralize every tested fungus and gram-positive bacteria.

The extract also appeared to enable triggering apoptosis, which are dead cells in specific leukemia cells.

Despite the promising results, there is no definite proof as to whether the herb will be productive. Experts also feel it is too early to deduce if it is safe to use. More research is essential to determine if the supplement help in treating active infections.

Brain health

The 2012 animal-based research suggested that the herb may be a promising agent. It also showed excellent results in preventing brain ischemia. The term ischemia refers to the insufficient flow of blood. When there is inadequate blood flow in the brain, it can lead to stroke.

There is little to pursue and determine if Catuaba can protect against stroke, but research on animals shows excellent results.

Preparation and dosage

You can buy Catuaba from stores specializing in dietary supplements, various online stores, and some natural food shops.

So far, there have been no appropriate guidelines for using Catuaba. Most supplement capsules come in doses ranging from 375 mg to 475 mg. However, it should not mean that such a range of dosage is effective or safe. Finally, it is the discretion of the drug manufacturer to list the dosage on the product label.


Muira Puama

The stems and roots of the Muira Puama tree have medicinal use. The stalk and seed have a long history of use as a natural aphrodisiac in Brazilian folk medicine. It is also useful in treating sexual dysfunction for both women and men.

Muira Puama


Health benefits

The root and stem have helped treat various health issues like:

– Upset Stomach

– Depression

– Loss of appetite

– Premenstrual syndrome

– Erectile dysfunction

– Menstrual complaints

– Joint pain

The plant operates as an adaptogen. It is a substance believed to increase body resistance to chronic stress. It claims to protect against aging-related memory problems.

The plant also has properties that can treat loss of sexual drive. It is necessary to have clinical trials to prove the positive effects of the root. In recent years there has only been some limited study on the plant. Some well-known benefits are:


A publication in 2010 reported a preliminary study and effects of the plant. It showed that the root extract might resist the harmful effects of long-term stress.

According to the study’s author, tests on mice revealed that Muira Puama might have properties like an adaptogen.


In 2000, a study published in Advances in Therapy showed hopeful progress for women having a sexual dysfunction. It suggested that a combination of the herb may help in treating sexual dysfunction. Such health issues are common even in healthy women. The plant has been a massive discovery in curbing such health issues.

Brain health

The initial studies showed that the plant could be essential in treating aging-related declines in brain function.

A study in 2007 published mouse-based research that showed elements found in the roots could protect the brain. It helps to decrease damages induced by oxidative stress. Such injuries are a destructive method connected to aging.

Based on the studies of the plant, there is evidence that it may help enhance memory.


A study published in 2009 showed remarkable results. The study used mice in testing the abilities of the root. The research suggests that extracts of the plant may possess antidepressant effects.

Erectile dysfunction

A well-known journal in 2015 talked of rat-based studies to test the root. Experts used mixtures of various elements and the seed as a medication. The proposed mix helped to protect against aging erectile dysfunction in the mice.

Although human trials are few, the tests on rats are promising. In time, the use of the root can help to create proper medication to help people.

Preparation and dosage

There is not enough scientific data that recommends the exact dosage of the root. In lab studies, researchers used various doses of the root extract ranging from 5 – 16 drops.

It is essential to note that the right doses for human use are varying. Deciding the exact dosage depends on various factors. The factors could include medical history, age, gender, etc. It is best to consult with the concerned healthcare providers for customized advice.