Coenzyme Q10 Health Benefits


CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10 is a compound that the human body can create. But with time and age, the body cannot make it as before, and the quantity decreases. CoQ10 produces energy and also performs several functions. When the body fails to produce sufficient CoQ10, the energy levels go down.

If you are an older adult and feel you don’t have much energy or get exhausted quickly after being physically active, even for a short time, the CoQ10 in your body may not be sufficient. It means that you may have to take CoQ10 supplements to replenish it and become energized.

Before you buy and use any supplement, though, you should first know the reasons that cause the compound’s deficiency and about the health benefits that Co10Q provides. Continue reading to know more.

Causes of CoQ10 Deficiency

Besides advancing age, some other causes are also responsible for the compound’s deficiency.

  • Deficiency in nutrients like shortage of vitamin B6
  • Diseases related to mitochondria
  • High demand by tissues due to illnesses
  • Oxidative stress because of advancing age
  • Statin treatment side effects

CoQ10 Health Benefits

Besides generating energy, CoQ10 also offers multiple health benefits, which we will list below.

CoQ10 Health Benefits


It may protect heart health

Many people suffer from heart failure due to various reasons, such as high blood pressure and coronary artery diseases. These issues can cause inflammation of the blood vessels and oxidative stress.

Overlooking these problems can make the heart weak and unable to contract, relax and pump blood. As a result, you may have heart failure, which can be fatal. Treatments for heart failure can also cause other problems like low blood pressure and decreased CoQ10 levels.

Experiments indicate those who took CoQ10 supplements suffered fewer heart problems than those who took a placebo. It’s also likely that taking the supplements reduced oxidative stress, boosted energy levels and improved heart health and function.

When oxidative stress is reduced and there is a burst of energy, the risk of heart failure also goes down. If you have heart issues, the CoQ10 supplement can be beneficial, and your doctor may prescribe it for you.

It may improve physical performance 

Athletes, bodybuilding enthusiasts, and physically active people often become tired very quickly. As a result, it affects their performance.

It mostly happens because of oxidative stress, which can cause the muscles to function less efficiently. This leads to quick exhaustion and the inability to perform better physically, whether at work or exercise.

Studies have shown a decrease in oxidative stress among people supplemented with a daily dose of 1200mg CoQ10 for sixty days. When there is a decrease in oxidative stress, muscles function better, and energy levels increase.

Once you have an endless supply of energy, it will enhance your performance during exercise; you will have more endurance power and less fatigue. So, supplementation of CoQ10 can be beneficial if you are an athlete, into bodybuilding or are physically active throughout the day, every day.

It boosts brain health

If the brain stops functioning properly, your body will start having many problems. It’s therefore crucial for the brain to stay healthy. Several substances are responsible for keeping the brain healthy and running smoothly.

Mitochondria are among them. When the brain has sufficient mitochondria, it performs all the functions smoothly. But with the advancement of age, mitochondria’s production decreases.

As a result, brain cells also start dying, leading to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Besides, the brain is also at continuous risk from oxidative stress because of two reasons. It has high oxygen demands and also contains a lot of fatty acids. Oxidative stress can lead to the accumulation of toxic compounds and affect different cognitive, memory and physical functions.

Studies indicate that CoQ10 supplementation can reduce oxidative stress, boost mitochondrial production and improve brain functions.

It may improve fertility

CoQ10 plays a vital role in female fertility. It helps to produce eggs which is necessary for reproduction. But with advancement in age, the quantity of CoQ10 decreases and oxidative stress sets in, making it difficult for females to produce eggs.

Males’ fertility also gets affected as their sperm count decreases when CoQ10 production slows down, and oxidative damage takes over.

But the condition can turn around when you take regular CoQ10 supplements. The supplement can increase antioxidant protection and help in sperm quantity and quality.

It may help with diabetes

When the body doesn’t produce sufficient CoQ10, oxidative stress can cause mitochondrial functions to behave abnormally. It can lead to insulin resistance which can cause diabetes.

Experiments indicated that with CoQ10 supplementation for about twelve weeks, diabetic patients showed improvements in their conditions. Their sugar levels dropped down up to a certain extent.

In type 2 diabetes, people become obese due to increased fat. It’s also likely that CoQ10 supplements can help break down the fats and not let fat cells accumulate.

It may help to prevent cancer

One of the main reasons for cell damage is oxidative stress, which leads to cancer. It occurs when the body cannot produce enough CoQ10.

Cellular energy can repair and replenish with CoQ10 supplementation and prevent oxidative stress and cancer.

Studies also show that CoQ10 supplementation can help prevent cancer recurrence.

It may protect the lungs 

Since the lungs are in continuous contact with oxygen, they’re also vulnerable to oxidative damage. This, along with the decrease in CoQ10, can cause lung ailments such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Studies show that patients with lung ailments showed improvement when they took CoQ10 supplements. Those with asthma had less inflammation, and they also required less amount of steroid medication.

One other study also showed that those with COPD performed their exercises better when taking CoQ10 supplements. Their heart rate improved, and tissue oxygenation also improved.

Some Other Benefits

  • It may prevent skin aging if applied topically
  • It may reduce or prevent headaches and pain

Conclusion – CoQ10 Health Benefits

With CoQ10 taking part in so many functions, it becomes essential for everyone to have a sufficient amount of the substance.(1)

There are many supplements available now. But check out some reviews to choose the right product.

You can then consult your physician and start a course. Follow the prescribed dosage and instructions for excellent results and well-being.


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