Colon Detox

Colon Detox refers to the cleansing of the colon- also known as the large intestine commonly. The colon happens to be one of the biggest activity regions of the digestive system. It is where the digestive wastes are stored to be removed from the body in the form of fecal matter.

The colon is a hub of bacteria, fecal matter, toxins and other wastes. If not subjected to frequent cleansing, the colon can play birthplace to a host of digestive issues which may lead to complications.

Cleansing can be done through two ways- natural and via dietary supplements. Natural cleansing is done by incorporating fibrous foods in the diet- fiber helps in the absorption and excretion process. Drinking adequate amounts of fluids help to flush out toxins via the excretory system.

Dietary supplements are often referred as colon cleansers as well. These are artificially manufactured products available in tablet, capsule or liquid forms. These supplements are taken daily throughout a course of 10-15 days- or as recommended by a health professional.

Usually colon cleansers are taken after an interval of 1-2 months, depending on the bowel movements and digestive issues of a person. However, there are some cleansers that can be taken as a shot as well. These supplements clear the colon of toxins and smooth out one’s bowel movements; they also help to revitalize the body as well.

As important as it is to detox your colon every now and then, it is more important to notice the signs in the body signaling the need of a detox. Often, we ignore these signs, however, there are some obvious symptoms indicating poor gut health that we shouldn’t be overlooking.

Colon Detox

How Do You Know If You Need A Colon Cleanse?

Digestive issues

Health issues differ from person to person depending on many factors such as age, body type, diet, lifestyle, etc. However, constant or recurring issues can be indicative of a need for colon detox. Recurring issues like diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain are clear indicators of colon problems.

Often these problems persist without a clear cause- colon cleansing is a safe option to try when nothing else is a solid solution. It can also happen due to a blockage in the colon- it usually happens when there is a lack of fiber in a person’s diet.

An increase in bad bacteria (the kind of bacteria that has no benefits to the human body) can also lead to problems that may require colon cleansing.

Acne and Pale Skin

Acne issues often have root causes in the gut and not in the skin as most people think. When peoples’ diet is too oily or lacks essential nutrients, acnes may arise. A lack of vitamins, especially vitamin C- which is vital to skin health can also be the reason.

Accumulation of too many waste products in the colon can happen due to a lot of reasons. When the system is unable to properly digest or absorb nutrients, the food mostly gets turned into waste for excretion.

A colon cleanse can help re-establish balance in the gut and maintain the quality of nutrient absorption along with fecal matter.


Sometimes, a heavy gut leads to a person feeling drowsy and tired most of the time. This can happen when the gut is unable to excrete properly, or when bowel movements aren’t occurring properly.

Any new food a person might be having will get accumulated with the rest of the fecal matter and ultimately lead to a heaviness which makes the person fatigued. This feeling persists even if a person has optimum sleep.

Often this may be due to less quantity of fluids in the body- fluids help execute a smoother digestion and excretion process. Lack of fluids leads the digestive system to work twice as hard to process the ingested matter.

When the gut is working intensively, the person will feel the sluggish after effects. Colon cleanse can help smoothen the gut pathway and aid in absorption as well. Fluid intake should never be taken lightly- fluids are a key player in any kind of detox process.

Body Odor And Bad  Breath

When the body works on less than the required fluid amounts, any kind of secretory matter becomes concentrated. This also occurs when the body isn’t able to execute smooth bowel movements and most of the fecal matter remains inside the body itself.

As such, often people who have gut problems have bad breath and bad odor. Another reason is toxin buildup in the body. Not all toxins are released via urine or feces. Sweat, sebum, mucous etc are also pathways through which toxins can be flushed out of the body.

Bad breath or bad odor is a clear sign of gut health problems. It shows that the gut’s balance has been compromised; and it is signaling for a cleanup. Cleansing and detox can make a big difference to a person’s overall smell along with skin and hair health.

Cleansing doesn’t only affect the targeted organ; it works on related organs or the whole system as well. So when we detox the colon, other organs like kidney and pancreas are also getting detoxed simultaneously.

Poor Memory and Immune problems

The gut is at the centre of the body’s well-being. Whatever you feed your gut, the whole body will benefit from it- from the nervous to the circulatory system.

As such, it is important to take care of the digestive system since everything else gets affected through it. Poor colon health will sooner or later start affecting memory of the person and affect the overall immunity of an individual.(1)

In extreme cases, hormonal imbalance is also known to occur from severe lack of care to digestive health. Bad lifestyle and food habits are often the main reason behind poor health of the gut and colon.

The above are only a few reasons the colon should be given attention and subjected to cleansing and detox. However, usually it is seen that physicians recommend intense colon detoxing only before surgeries like colonoscopy.

Even if not undergoing any such procedures, frequent natural cleansing can do no harm but rather improve gut flora. People should try to detox their gut every few months in order to maintain good overall health.

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