Is CBD Oil Safe – What You Need To Know

CBD Oil Benefits

While it has remained controversial in some countries, there is a developing consensus worldwide that with controlled use, marijuana and its derivatives have a beneficial effect to the human body.

As long as it is used properly, these products can be highly beneficial to health. One such product is cannabidiol, also known as CBD. There are multiple products containing CBD that is currently being sold on the market, from capsules to sprays.

But do these products really work? This article will take a look at the benefits of CBD and will also take a look at some of the most highly recommended CBD products currently available.

There are many health benefits associated with the use of CBD products. They can be the cure or a supportive treatment for a number of health ailments, more than capable of improving the quality of life of patients when used the right way.

However, it is also seen as potentially beneficial for patients who are 100% well but looking for ways to improve certain aspects of their health. Here is a list of the benefits of using CBD oil products.

CBD Oil Benefits



The use of CBD as a relatively low risk alternative for anti-anxiety drugs is rising, and the scientific evidence supporting such claims are starting to increase with it.

Based on these trials, CBD oil can be used for treating symptoms associated with anxiety disorders, as well as with other psychiatric disorders such as panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Further studies are still in order, but CBD oil is now being used in some health care facilities for this purpose.


CBD oil is also becoming a very popular choice as a medication of choice for those suffering from epilepsy. It is specifically effective in regulating the seizures associated with the various epilepsy disorders such as Lennox-Gestaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Keeping these seizures under control is a very important step in allowing epileptic patients to live a normal life and prevent adverse events (brain damage, accidents).

CBD oil can be a great alternative to other anti-seizure drugs that may have serious side effects.

Pain management

Hemp and its relatives are popularly used as treatment for pain caused by chronic conditions. Aside from its effectiveness in controlling different kinds of pain, it is also highly renowned in the medical community because it has less adverse effects and is less likely to cause dependence during prolonged use.

From migraines to cancer, to osteoarthritis to peripheral neuropathies, CBD oil is a very versatile drug for pain management. With CBD oil, a patient can live a more productive and happy life even as they deal with disease.

Appetite booster

Another common use for CBD oil is for boosting one’s appetite. Some patients may have compromised feeding habits due to disease, and the poor nutrition that results from it could be significant enough to cause malnutrition that can further compromise the person’s health.

This is where CBD oil comes into the picture as an appetite booster. Commonly prescribed for post-surgical patients and those undergoing chemotherapy, the use of CBD oil increases appetite, which can optimize body weight, enhance nutrition, and facilitate healing.

Cardiovascular health

Perhaps the least understood of all the health benefits of using CBD oil is how it helps improve cardiovascular health. Its main action is by lowering blood pressure, a very common risk factor for heart disease, strokes, and other related diseases.

Its ability to control blood pressure lies in CBD oil’s ability to reduce stress. A study was done which showed that those who use CBD oil have lower blood pressure and stress levels compared to their counterparts that were given placebo.

CBD Oil Health Benefits


Possible Side Effects of Using CBD Oil

While many are praising CBD oil as an effective and relatively safe means to improve the health and quality of life of select patients, it is not without its flaws.

Some of these side effects are relatively benign and usually pass spontaneously, but a few on this list would warrant immediate medical monitoring and action.


Partly because of the relaxing effect of using CBD oil, some people tend to feel some drowsiness a few hours after consuming this product. Sedation is one of the natural effects of CBD, and it does not pose any threat to one’s health. However, it can make the performing of some tasks (ex.: operating machinery) difficult and potentially dangerous. As such, it is advised not to use CBD when you are about to perform tasks that need your full concentration.


Some people may feel nauseous after consuming CBD oil, especially if the amount is beyond what they can tolerate. This may or may not proceed to vomiting, but you can become nauseous enough that it will stop you from doing your daily activities. Most of the time, this effect is just transient and will go away once the CBD effect wears off. However, should nausea persists, it is recommended that you discontinue CBD oil use and have a medical consultation.

Mood swings

While cannabidiol is not as psychoactive as its relative THC, it can still cause these effects on high doses. Those that have used excessive THC are prone to mood swings and anxiety attacks. While we haven’t had a report wherein a CBD oil user had a major attack that caused harm to self and/or others, this can be a frustrating side effect to deal with. Discontinue use immediately if it’s causing disruption of mood and/or behavior.

In spite of its medical (the aforementioned adverse effects) and legal (it may not be legal to use such products in certain countries and states) complications, it can be said that the good you can get from CBD oil outweighs the bad.

As long as there are no counterindications for you to use CBD oil and you consume it in a responsible manner, you can enjoy its numerous health benefits safely without worries. There are various forms of CBD products available on the market; pick one that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

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