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  • Krill Oil Supplement Benefits

    Krill Oil Supplement Benefits

    Krill Oil Supplement Benefits Krill oil is a supplement that is prepared from Antarctic Krill, which is a species of crustacean. It is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. Krill oil is reddish and should not be confused with yellow fish oil. The human body absorbs krill oil better than…

  • Vitamin B12 Health Benefits

    Vitamin B12 Health Benefits

    What Are The Benefits And Side Effects Of Vitamin B12? You may have heard about the importance of vitamins in your diet, but what exactly does a vitamin do? Vitamins are crucial for normal growth and development, and every organ system in the body needs them. In addition to helping regulate metabolism, they also help…

  • L-Arginine Health Benefits

    L-Arginine Health Benefits

     L-Arginine Amino acids have several functions in our body. Along with proteins, they are called the building blocks of life. Out of the many, at least twenty amino acids are necessary to stay healthy and function properly. While our body can make eleven of those, nine are essential and which our body can’t produce. L-arginine is…