Single Serve Coffee Makers

A single-serve coffee maker is an essential appliance for your kitchen if you live alone or don’t have a hectic schedule to follow. If you live with your family, but they have their preferences in taste, then this device is a convenient option.

This appliance is also a perfect addition to offices, hostels, and dorm rooms. It is a budget-friendly machine that prevents any wastage because you get a fresh cup of coffee every time you brew. And they can brew cappuccinos, Lattes, or espressos all in a single setting.

But the fact is that not all coffee makers are of the same quality. The market is full of single-serve coffee makers that claim to do a flawless job of making coffee. To make your work hassle-free, we have put together a feast of the best single-serve coffee maker that is worth your money.

#1 Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker is a well-known brand in the single-serve coffee maker. It is a perfect appliance for offices, dorms, or studio apartments. Its compact and small size is convenient for daily use and does not cause any hassles.

The K-mini plus coffee maker can make a single cup of coffee of 6 oz to 12 oz within 2 minutes. The most remarkable feature of this coffee maker is that it automatically shuts down after 90 seconds. So, in case you leave in a hurry or forget to switch it off, the machine takes care of that problem itself.

It takes up very little space with its sleek body, which is not even five inches wide and the cord storage at its back also reduces clutter. The K-Mini Plus coffee maker is available in various colors such as Grey, Black, Red, Dusty, Rose, and Aqua.

Although for ground coffee beans, you can use the K-cup reusable filter. Those who like to have freshly ground coffee will have to accept that this coffee maker does not have a filter or grinder.

Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker






#2 BonsenKitchen 2 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Bonsenkitchen coffee maker is another appliance that will instantly provide you with a fresh cup of coffee at the press of a switch. It has a compact size and is perfect for kitchens with limited space.

This 2 in 1 coffee maker can smoothly prepare a cup of steaming hot coffee either from ground coffee beans or from readymade coffee pods. You can choose individual buttons on the machine to decide the type of coffee you prefer.

It has a 30 oz removable water tank that is easy to remove and clean. The drip tray is removable and has enough space to hold a seven-inch coffee mug, and also takes care of any accidental spills. It shuts off automatically after 30 seconds of use and has to overheat protection, protecting the brewers from damage.

This Bonsenkitchen coffee maker has a size button that gives you an option to choose any amount of coffee within 6 to 14 oz. It takes only 3 minutes to prepare a cup of coffee which is a brilliant feat.


BonsenKitchen 2 in 1 Single Serve Coffee Maker







#3 Bonsenkitchen Coffee Maker with a Milk Frother

This single-serve coffee maker from Bonsenkitchen is for all those coffee lovers who love to have lattes and cappuccinos. So, with this machine, you don’t need to bother about using other appliances to prepare lattes or cappuccinos. You can choose to use either coffee pods or ground coffee according to your preference.

It comes with a milk frother that has a large capacity and can froth up to 150 ml of milk. It is also effortless to use. Try to use the correct quantity of milk to have the perfect broth. The frother has double insulation with a non-stick coating, making it super easy to clean.

The Bonsenkitchen coffee maker has enough height to accommodate bigger cups and has a drip tray that won’t let you create a mess in case of a spill. The 30 oz water tank can make you multiple cups of coffee throughout the day. It has to overheat protection and can shut off automatically after 30 seconds to protect the brewers.


Bonsenkitchen Coffee Maker with a Milk Frother






#4 Programmable Single Serve Coffee Maker by Bonsenkitchen

We round up our best single-serve coffee maker list by including another innovative coffee maker by this fantastic brand, Bonsenkitchen. This machine delivers hot brewing coffee within 3 minutes using a coffee pod or ground coffee only at the press of a switch.

The most incredible feature is that you can program your coffee at least 12 hours ahead in this single-serve coffee maker. It means you can easily set up the timer and program it for the following day so that your coffee is ready by the time you wake up.

Its compact size makes it the perfect appliance for small kitchens, offices, or dorm rooms. You will also get a portable travel mug along with it so that you can have your coffee on the go. Like the other Bonsenkitchen modes, even this comes with overheat protection and automatic shut down.


Programmable Single Serve Coffee Maker by Bonsenkitchen





Facts about single coffee makers

  • The coffee is usually medium boiled and has medium strength. If you like your coffee strong, you have to choose the right appliance.
  • Most of the single-use coffee makers come with pods or capsules. You will have to buy them in advance and store them. Each pod or capsule makes precisely one cup of coffee.
  • There are models with various features, but it is advisable to choose one that takes up less space, is easy to use, and, of course, falls within your budget.
  • You cannot directly put the coffee pods into your compost. You will have to take out the lid and put the coffee beans into the compost bin or dustbin. And the empty pod can be set aside for recycling.


These single-serve coffee makers are a great addition to everyone’s kitchen as you can easily make a cup of coffee without the trouble of measuring or pouring.(1)

Their simplicity and convenience make single coffee makers a must-have for all coffee lovers. A single-serve coffee machine takes up very little space and is convenient for the hectic lifestyle that we all follow.

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