Legal Steroid Alternative To Winstrol

Are you looking to maintain a lean body weight effectively without using harmful steroids? You have stopped by at the right page! In this article, we will introduce you to a safe-to-use, natural steroid alternative – Winsol. It is also the legal steroid alternative to the most popular anabolic steroid, Winstrol.

Steroid intake is typical for many bodybuilding enthusiasts, both men, and women. Although, it goes without saying that the adverse effects of steroid usage are concerning. To combat this concern, there are now natural steroid alternatives to aid your bodybuilding journey.

What Exactly Is Winsol?

To put it in simple words, Winsol is a performance-boosting and bodybuilding supplement.

Using natural ingredients, Winsol is a legal alternative to the popular anabolic steroid Winstrol. The company named Crazybulkers manufactures Winsol.

Note: An alternative name for Winstrol in the market is Stanozolol.

Steroid Alternative To Winstrol

About Crazybulk, Are they trustworthy?

Crazybulk’s headquarter base is located in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

After years of research, in 2015, they introduced legal alternatives to steroids in the market.

All of their products are manufactured in GMP-approved facilities. Crazybulk now have a wide range of supplements and products for targeted bodybuilding goals.

With over 13000+ followers, testimonials from athletes and bodybuilders, Crazybulk is a trustworthy company. Their products come with the assurance of premium natural ingredients, safe and free-from side effects. In addition, all products come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Who Can Use Winsol?

People looking to build lean muscle can get the best benefit out of using Winsol. Winsol is hugely popular among athletes and bodybuilders.

That said, anyone above the age of 18 looking to build a lean body could consume Winsol. That includes both men and women.

Note – Winsol is not advisable for pregnant/breastfeeding mothers. In addition, some people may find intolerance with the natural ingredients in the product. Therefore, it is advisable to check the ingredients list first.

Winsol - Best Legal Steroid Alternative To Winstrol





How does Winsol work? How do its ingredients help with Winsol efficiency? 

The critical methodology in the working efficiency of Winsol lies in the unique selection of its ingredients. The ingredients work collaboratively towards four primary goals-

  • Increase quality muscle mass building
  • Reduce fat content by burning them
  • Reduce the water retention in the body
  • Muscle recovery

Another noteworthy thing about its composition is its all-natural ingredients. The safe and natural ingredients are what make them such a sought-after legal alternative against synthetic steroids.

To understand how Winsol works, let’s look into the key ingredients and their functions.

Winsol Ingredients (per serving) –

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) – 555mg

ALCAR, an amino acid, is widely known for its participation in protein synthesis activity. In addition, it also aids in providing your cells to burn out fatty acids.

How does it help in bodybuilding?

  • It enhances the rapid growth and improvement of muscle mass and protein.
  • Excess fat loss results in the generation of pure lean muscle.
  • The burning of fatty acids also results in more energy production.
  • ALCAR also aids in boosting testosterone levels.
  • Studies show that the presence of L-Carnitine in supplements helps in quicker muscle recovery after intense workout sessions.

Choline (from Choline Bitartrate) – 300mg

Choline from Choline Bitartrate is neither a vitamin nor a mineral. Choline bitartrate is a water-soluble, salt form of Choline. Its central role is to stabilize Choline in the body and turn it into a neurotransmitter, Acetylcholine.

How does it help in bodybuilding?

  • Choline is known for its role in lipid metabolism, increasing body fat burning.
  • Acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter, helps in the overall development of the body’s nervous system.
  • It also enhances liver function, significantly reducing the chances of overload and liver damage from bodybuilding training.

Wild Yam Root (DioscoreaoppositaThunb)– 300mg

The roots of Wild Yam contain a major sapogenin called diosgenin. Diosgenin acts as a significant precursor to produce testosterone, a male hormone. Along with it, Wild yam roots are also a great source of other essential vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Wild Yam Root

  • Diosgenin acts as an excellent booster for testosterone production, which enhances mass muscle gain.
  • Higher testosterone levels also help improve sex drive and infertility.
  • The constituents of Wild Yam roots have anti-inflammatory properties. It thereby helps in preventing muscle cramps and exhaustion from exhaustive training sessions.

DMAE (Dimethylamenoethanol) – 150 mg

DMAE’s primary function is as a nootropic (a drug that enhances memory/cognitive functions).

How does it help in bodybuilding?

  • The most potent benefit of DMAE is mental stability. The production and release of different chemicals enhance mood, concentration, focus, and learning capacity.
  • The consumption of DMAE along with other supplements aid in overall athletic performance.

Safflower Seed Oil (Carthamustinctorius) Powder – 126mg

Safflower seed oil comes packed with nutrients, with conjugated linoleic acid as one of its major components. It also serves as a good source of unsaturated fats, omega-6, Vitamin E, and K.

The central role of Safflower Seed oil is in its fat-burning properties.


How does it help in bodybuilding?

  • The fat-burning process induced by linoleic acid helps maintain lean muscle mass.
  • Omega 6 helps in decreasing water retention in the body.
  • With its vitamin constituents, it takes care of the overall health heart and improves immunity.

Dosage and how to consume Winsol


The general recommended serving size is to consume three capsules each day.

Each bottle of Winsol comes in a serving size of 30 capsules, which will last you for ten days.

How to consume

Take three capsules and consume them along with water. It works best if you take it approximately around 45 minutes before you start your workout training.

For optimum results, the recommendation is to continue using Winsol for a minimum period of two months.

Where can you buy Winsol?

If you want to avoid purchasing counterfeit Winsol products from the market, it is best to purchase them from its official website. With just the click of a button, they ship it worldwide with free home delivery options.

2021 Pricing –

1 x Winsol costs about $61.99. 

Checking their official website also has a bonus as they keep providing exciting offers and discounts. The current website offers include “Purchase 2, get 1 free offers”.

Final thoughts 

A defined, lean muscle mass physique involves a lot of hard work and the right supplements. The most remarkable thing about Winsol is that it provides the benefits of synthetic steroids in bodybuilding.

The best is yet to come. Winsol is a natural, safe, and side-effect-free supplement and a legal alternative to the synthetic steroid Winstrol.

Therefore, if a safe and effective supplement is what you are looking for, Winsol is the answer.


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