Male Enhancements

Benefits of Butea Superba For Male Enhancement

Butea Superba For Male Enhancement

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common health issues that many men face. Most men refrain from discussing or sharing their experiences.

With time it can lead to low self-esteem, stress, and strained relationships with people in their lives. It also strains the relationship with their partner.

It has become essential to find a cure for such health issues. Many companies started manufacturing supplements that guarantee to cure erectile dysfunction in men.

However, it is crucial to note that there is no finalization of such claims. In other cases, people experience more health risks when taking such type of medications. It would help if you made a thorough research of the various supplements available in the market.

Benefits of Butea Superba For Male Enhancement


What is Butea Superba?

It is a kind of shrub believed to possess properties like an aphrodisiac. It is a naturally grown plant found in countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and India. Its roots contain beneficial ingredients that increase sperm counts and enhance sexual performances in men.

Many scientific studies over the years also show that its roots contain a variety of flavonoids. There are antioxidant effects on the classified compounds of the shrub that provide numerous health benefits.

The studies on the plant may be scarce, but its use shows successful results. Maybe in the coming future, there can be more research.

Benefits of Butea Superba


Benefits of Butea Superba

The initial researches on animals showed encouraging results. Such studies support the fact that there are potential health benefits of the herb. Through such small examinations, experts were able to deduce that the herb helps treat various ailments. In recent times, the use of the herb has had many positive benefits.

Sperm count

The initial test on animal models with Butea Superba as a potential fertility enhancer showed positive results. There have been many tests to find evidence of the shrub taking effect.

A well-known study in 2006 treated rats with Butea Superba for eight weeks. The result found such rats experience a 16% increase in sperm counts compared to control.

So far, there is no research linking the herb’s use in humans to increase sperm counts. It is also too soon to suggest it for treating low sperm count. However, the fact that it works tremendously on animals is a massive achievement towards using it on humans.

Erectile Dysfunction

Most studies published in recent years suggest that Butea Superba is ideal in treating erectile dysfunction. There was a journal published in 2012 which showed rat-based tests.

According to the study, the herb has been functional in helping revive blood circulation in diabetic rats. For years many people lived with the burden of dealing with sexual issues. The herb has been a boon in such cases.

There are only a few studies on humans when it comes to testing the effects of the herb. According to a study, men ages 30 to 70 years with ED received the supplemental treatment for three months. The result was that 82.4% of the subjects recorded increased development in erectile dysfunction.

Even with numerous studies, it is not difficult to show the effectiveness of the herb. It is difficult to ignore the fact that the studies show exceptional improvements when treated with the shrub.

It is best to do thorough reviews of the supplement before taking it. Reviews help you to get a clearer picture of the product. It will also help you to avoid specific allergies or health issues when taking the medication.

Increased sex drive

There is a long history of the practice of using the herb as an aphrodisiac in traditional medicines. The studies for such uses of the herb have not fully surfaced.

There have been many instances where this shrub proved to show significant results. According to a case study, a 35-year-old man took the Butea Superba supplement. The use of the locally prepared shrub was to help reverse hair loss. However, the patient communicated to his doctor that his sex drive increased.

The lab tests showed unusually high dihydrotestosterone (DHT), obtained by the male sex hormone. The author’s note of the study stated that erectile dysfunction and decreased sex drive links to low androgen levels.

In the instant case, the shrub increased the sex hormones in the subject. However, there is a need for additional testing before recommending it as a treatment for low libido in men.

The use of the herb has been successful in small-scale studies. However, due to the lack of large scale studies, the future of the shrub is unsure.

Heart health

When varieties of phytonutrients and flavonoids access your heart’s functions, it helps combat cardio problems and cholesterol levels. The shrub contains such natural compounds found in plants.

The use of the herb is well-known, and it effectively helps to balance cholesterol. It is essential to note that all sections of bodily functions operate with the help of hormones. The exact traits of the supplement are unknown, but it helps in rebalancing the hormonal levels. It is safe to say that the herb has beneficial effects on the overall body in many ways.

Based on successful results, experts are on the lookout to do more studies on the shrub. For most people who had successful results deem it as a long-awaited treatment to solve endless problems.

Healthy bones

A study showed visible growth in bone strength and bone mineral density when taking the supplement. Even if the supplement’s purpose was to enhance sexual performance, it shows favorable effects on other organs’ functions. Experts credit the results on the impact of the herb on the efficient nutrient intake in the gut.

Select, prepare, and storing Butea Superba

Over the years, the herb’s progress and its positive outcomes encouraged many companies to produce it. The shrub comes in the powder form and as a capsule. It became widely available in many online stores. You can also purchase it from drugstores, stores specialized in natural products, and regular food stores.

Thai medicines use shrubs. You can purchase it online from Thailand retailers. However, it would be hard to know the quality of the supplements. You can look for the trusted, independent, third-party seal on the label such as NSF International or Consumer Lab. That way, you can ensure buying quality products.

It is also crucial to note that the United States has no average doses of intake recommended for the shrub supplement.

The Thailand FDA recommends 100mg daily or 0.2 mg per 100g bodyweight as the safe upper limit. It is best to follow the directions mention on the label of the supplement. There is no guarantee about the contents of the supplement, so it is best to take caution.

Over the years, experts have been experimenting with the herb and have been getting positive results. The health effects of the shrub on the various parts of the human body are another advantage.